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This RGB to RAL converter is super straight forward. It will take the input values from the form below and process the numbers to match the closest RAL color based on the original input RGB color.

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Important: This input form requires you to provide RGB values respectively from 0 to 255 representing each constituent color (Red, Green, Blue).

How this tool works?

Once you’ll fill in the values on the input form above, this RGB to RAL conversion tool will convert the values into computer language (basically a hexadecimal value) which then will be matched to the closest RAL color code.

Make sure to set the radio button to match your desired color range. Currently, we provide three options: “RAL Classic”, “RAL Design”, and “Any” (to select the best match from either of these charts).

If you’re lucky, you might be getting an exact match, but most likely there will be some compromises made, as RAL Classic color collection only has a total of 215 different colors. Converting to RAL Design will yield a bit more accurate results as it has 1825 colors, but keep in mind that RAL Classic and RAL Design color ranges do not intersect.

Finally, hitting “Convert to RAL” button will take you to conversion result page where best matching RAL color will be presented to you on the screen.

RGB to RAL Color converter online