RGB to RAL Colour conversion

In order to convert from RGB to RAL, one needs to have a basic understanding of the RGB color space. The automatic conversion from RGB is done by matching the decimal value of each color’s Red, Green and Blue values.

The RGB model has been used in computer displays and televisions and in digital video and digital photography for decades now. It is quite universal and defines as much as 16,777,216 different colors. On the other hand, RAL palette is limited to handpicked colors and therefore cannot sufficiently represent any given RGB color.

Wwe use computer assisted mathematics to work out the best equivalent colours from RGB to RAL.

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Important: This input form requires you to provide RGB values respectively from 0 to 255 representing each constituent color (Red, Green, Blue).

Currently, we are using HEX codes for intermediate conversions so you will end up on HEX to RAL conversion page. The original RGB values will be retained along with corresponding equivalent match (best choice) from RAL Classic or RAL Design colour chart.

In this conversion from RGB to RAL, each color has specific value which could be converted between different color spaces with sustainable accuracy. This is done by first evaluating respective red, green and blue values (represented by numbers that range from 0-255). These values are then converted into HEX triplet (mix of red, green and blue). To finalize the conversion the algorithm picks best equivalent RAL color to match the original RGB input color as close as possible.

RGB to RAL Color converter online