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How to use manual color matcher?

If you’re not fully satisfied with automatic color conversion (for example if you would prefer warmer color tone while automatic conversion offers a colder one or vice versa), you can always try our manual matching tool which will assist you in finding your own perfect match. This method is more time consuming as you get to compare your chosen color against full palette of RAL colors, but usually this method yields very satisfying results.

Before you start, there are few things that you need to know about manual color matching

• The manual matching tool is very handy, because mathematical algorithm for automatic matching is not perfect. Color matching is very tricky when you have to match against limited range of colors. No wonder some conversions end up slightly off. For example matching #C7DBD0 against RAL Classic is hardly possible at all. Therefore, you’re much better off doing a manual match for this hex color. Once again, it will not be a great fit, but at least you can pick best alternative based on your own judgement.

• The downside of manual matching is your monitor’s ability to represent colors accurately. If accuracy is your priority, you should probably leave color matching to professionals equipped with special technological tools for color comparison and matching. Moreover, some people perceive colors differently so your color of choose might not be the same as mine.

Hex to ral classic (step 1)

Start by adding your HEX color code.

Hex to RAL Classic (step 2)

Scroll down to compare colors side by side.

HEX to RAL classic (step 3)

Tip: Remove undesired color groups for more accuracy.

Ready to start?

These are the matching options available on our site at the moment: