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LAB to HEX Color conversion

It is essential to understand, that LAB to HEX conversion is sometimes restricted to approximation. Due to excessive range of LAB color gamut, containing color tones that could not be squeezed into HEX (RGB) color range. This limitation however, does not stop us from calculating feasible substitutes for any existing LAB color conversion as the target color spectrum offers as much as 16,777,216 different color variations to choose from.

Luckily, using this automated LAB to HEX conversion tool you will be spared from matching each color sample manually and individually. Just enter your input value for CIE L*a*b* color that you wish to convert to cooresponding HEX color and click the conversion button to see the result.

Converting HEX color to LAB (opposite conversion) is also available on this site.

Enter LAB color values

Important: To perform color conversion between CIE L*A*B* and HEX color, you must provide valid LAB color input values.

The CIE Lab color space has three components: L* and a* and b*. The L* component defines how light the color is (therefore it is limited to 0-100 range), the higher the lightness, the more white it appears. The lower the lightness, the closer it is to black. Meanwhile, the a* component defines how red or green the color appears. The same principle applies to b* component, which defines how yellow or blue the color is. These three components are not independent of each other and are always related to one another.

A color can be represented as a point in this three-dimensional space, with coordinates in a certain range. Color lightness is measured by L*, a* and b*.

In this conversion from LAB to HEX, we use mathematical equations to find best matching alternatives between these different color spaces with sustainable accuracy.
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