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RAL Classic color from picture

This is not a first tool that offers color extraction from any uploaded picture, however the tool on this page is adjusted specifically to match against RAL Classic color chart. The process of extracting color from an image is much easier than it may seem. You don’t really need a paid App on your device. Instead, we offer our color matching tools for free, with no membership or registration required.

Extracting colors from images is a common task for any designer. There are many tools available online to extract color from an image. The most common ones are the color picker tools. These tools allow you to select a color from the image and then generate a hex code or RGB code for that particular color. This specific color picker is most useful if your final desired result is a color from RAL Classic chart range.

Just browse and upload any image from your computer and give it some time to show up on the screen. Once the upload is complete, extracting RAL color from photo is as simple as clicking your mouse on specific pixel area of that image. The matched colors will be listed on the right side of your computer screen.
Repeat this process each time when you want to extract RAL colors from photos that you take, you can even use a screenshot or a picture of magazine you find interesting.

Keep in mind that accuracy of this tool and actual ability to offer best matching RAL Classic color from any picture relies on the quality of such photo.

Image preview:

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Click on the image, then scroll down to see matched color.