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HEX to LAB Color converter

A hex color to cielab converter is a tool that helps in converting the hexadecimal code of a color into its corresponding cielab code (a set of positive and negative integer values). This converter is useful for designers and programmers who want to change their colors. They can use it to find the best matching colors for their projects.

Since HEX (RGB) color space is considered a subset of all human perceivable color gamut, we can effectively perform a losless conversion between any HEX color code and LAB color. However, this flawless conversion result is limited to HEX->LAB conversion and not the other way around, since it would not be possible to squeeze the overwhelming amount of CIELab colours to more deficient RGB color gamut.

This tool converts hexadecimal color values to CIE L*a*b* values. It is also known as a hex-to-lab converter. This is useful for converting colors from the RGB based HEX color space to the CIE L*a*b*, which is a perceptually uniform color space. Lab is a lightness-based color model that can be converted to hex or RGB values by using a certain set of mathematical formulas. Using our HEX to LAB conversion tool you can avoid the hassle and obtain LAB color values from any input HEX code with just one mouse click.

Converting LAB color to HEX (opposite conversion) is also available on this site.

HEX Color to LAB
LAB (CIE L* a* b*) from HEX:
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Important: This input form only supports HEX code input. You can skip the hash tag # as it will not be processed or required for this tool to perform your task.HEX to LAB converter online