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HEX to PANTONE Conversion

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Pantone colors were originally dedicated to help designers specify and manage colors for projects that will be released as print. The mentioned color system is very useful for this matter, because it allows you to specify colors that normally cannot be mixed based on CMYK.

But nowadays digital world intertwines with physical world more than ever before, and most of our projects cross these thin lines. Printing pantone colors accurately has become as important, as showing them on a digital copy. However, it can be difficult to find the matching Pantone color when you have only HEX color code as a reference. For your convenience we created this matching tool specifically designed to perform the the former task. On this page, HEX colors could be easily translated to multiple, best fitted samples from most common Pantone charts using the input form below.

Getting bets suited Pantone colors for any HEX color has never been easier. Just punch in your clean HEX code (skip the hash tag) and click the conversion button. The color conversion tool will process your input code and bring you to the conversion results page in just a few moments.

This conversion of course includes Pantone Uncoated and Pantone Coated color options for your convenience. Which means that your HEX color will end up matches to colors from those Pantone collections, however, if you already have a Pantone color code, and your goal is to find out the HEX values for that code, please navigate to “Pantone to hex” converter page on our site.

No more manual color conversion! No paid apps on your phone and no registration required! Using the tools on our site you can easily find the right color for your project without having to go through pages of colors or spend hours on conversion.

The Pantone conversion tool is easy-to-use and provides accurate results. It also allows you to pick from different shades of each color so you can get just the right one for your design project. For more color conversion options and tools, check our homepage.

Important: This input form only supports HEX code input. You can skip the hash tag # as it will not be processed or required for this tool to perform your task.

HEX to PANTONE color converter online