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Compare Pantone to RAL side by side

Pantone is a color matching system that is used in the printing industry. This matching system was introduced by Pantone, Inc. in 1963 and has been widely adopted since then. RAL is a color matching system that was created by the German company RAL GmbH in 1950s and has been widely adopted since then. Pantone has more than 2,000 colors while RAL Classic has just above 200 colors. Pantone also offers more variety of shades and tints than RAL Classic does.

Pantone to RAL Classic matching is a free web-based service, where you can pick a color from Pantone chart and compare it to RAL Classic color system.

Just pick a Pantone color on the select box and scroll along the page. This way you will easily find the closest matching color in the RAL Classic scale. Putting these colors side by side will help you to visually compare any Pantone and RAL color and find best matching colors. For more information on how this matching works see here.

Please note: This tool is for manual matching, it is also limited to RAL Classic palette. If you want to run automatic conversion between Pantone and RAL, please use Pantone to RAL Converter instead. The automatic conversion tool also supports conversion to RAL Design which is also widely used among design professionals and construction industry.

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