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RAL to PANTONE Conversion

Pantone colors are often used to identify a certain color in the marketing industry. However, it can be difficult to find the matching Pantone color when you have only RAL color code as a reference. For your convenience, both – RAL Classic and RAL Design colors could be easily translated to Pantone chart using the input forms below on this page.

We offer this online conversion tool that allows you to enter in the RAL code for your desired color and get an approximation of what the Pantone equivalent would be. This is helpful because it saves time and money by not having to buy color comparison materials for every project. This way you can easily find the right color for your project without having to go through pages of colors or spend hours on conversion.

The Pantone conversion tool is easy-to-use and provides accurate results. It also allows you to pick from different shades of each color so you can get just the right one for your design project. Alternatively, should you need to obtain RAL code for your pantone color of choose, we also have you covered. Just switch to Pantone to RAL conversion page and give it a try.

RAL Classic to PANTONE
Enter RAL Classic color code
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Enter RAL Design color code
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Important: This input form is very strict when it comes to input code format, the only acceptable format is RAL-000-00-00 or RAL 000 00 00 for RAL Design codes and RAL-0000 and RAL 0000 for RAL Classic codes.