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HSL to RAL Colour conversion

The HSL color space is a cylindrical-coordinate representation of colors. It is an alternative to the most common RGB and CMYK representations. The HSL color space has been adopted as a standard by the W3C in 1998. It consists of three dimensions: Hue, Saturation, and Lightness.

HSL can be used to represent any color, this means that it is possible to use it to specify any kind of pigment, including pastels and fluorescent colors that cannot be accurately represented in some other models.

This HSL to RAL color conversion tool is specifically designed to obtain best possible match for any HSL color among the most popular RAL color charts.

These input fields has minimum and maximum acceptable values:
H – values from 0 to 360;
S – values from 0 to 100%;
L – values from 0 to 100%;

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Important: This input form requires you to provide HSL values. Please note, that HSL is different from HSB and HSV which could be a bit confusing. The HSL model is based on Hue, Saturation and Lightness, while HSB/HSV is an acronym for Hue, Saturation and Brightness or Hue, Saturation and Value respectively. This is important because there is are fundamental differences between HSL and HSV. If you intend to use either of these models, keep in mind that a color with maximum lightness in HSL is pure white, but a color with maximum value/brightness in HSV is a result of shining a pure white light on a surface colored with your color of choise.

Currently, we are using HEX codes for intermediate conversions so you will end up on HEX to RAL conversion page. The original HSL values will be retained along with corresponding equivalent match (best choice) from RAL Classic or RAL Design color chart.

In this conversion from HSL to RAL, each color has specific value which could be converted between different color spaces with sustainable accuracy. HSL to RAL conversion the algorithm picks best equivalent RAL color to match the original HSL input color as accurately as possible.

HSL Color to RAL