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Soot (2129-20) vs Icicle (2142-70)

This color comparison involves two colors that comes from the same color collection. The first one is named Soot and also has a code 2129-20 assigned to it. The color chart is named Benjamin Moore paint colours and it is quite popular among paint manufacturers and color designers. The swatch sample for Soot (2129-20) color is depicted on the left side a little bit lower on this page. The second color (depicted on the right side) is named Icicle and also has a code 2142-70 assigned to it. Both of these colors are from the same color chart mentioned before.

Soot (2129-20)

HEX Code:#383D42
HEX Color name:  (?)
RGB Decimal:56, 61, 66
RGB Float:0.22, 0.239, 0.259
CMYK Percentage:15, 8, 0, 74
Benjamin Moore Soot (2129-20) vs Icicle (2142-70) side by side
Benjamin Moore Soot (2129-20) vs Icicle (2142-70) side by side

Icicle (2142-70)

HEX Color name:  (?)
RGB Decimal:238, 238, 228
RGB Float:0.933, 0.933, 0.894
CMYK Percentage:0, 0, 4, 7

The colors are being compared by putting them together side by side. That is how you can spot the differences between them. For example, one color can be slightly darker, brighter or more vivid than the other, and this comparison is the best way to find this out.
In addition to visual comparison we offer a table of individual properties for each color. These tables on the right and the left side provide typical technical details about either of these colors. Such details usually include HEX, RGB, CMYK and other common components to form these colors.
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