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British Standard Chartreuse (BS2660-0008) HEX code

This HEX color is commonly associated with British Standard colors, especially BS 2660 Colours for building and decorative paints collection. This particular HEX color sample is often used to illustrate color named Chartreuse, the code BS2660-0008 is also used for refference to this British Standard color. And while HEX (RGB) representation of "real world" colors is not the most accurate choice, we can still use this visual sample as a point of refference for personal research or comparison. The information below should be useful to distinguish common colors between different tints, shades, standards and manufacturers.

HEX Color

HEX Code:#CCCB00
HEX Color name:  (?)
RGB Decimal:204, 203, 0
RGB Float:0.8, 0.796, 0
CMYK Percentage:0, 0, 100, 20
LRV (?) :54.93%
British Standard Chartreuse (BS2660-0008) represented in HEX code #CCCB00
Chartreuse by British Standard

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Chartreuse Color

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Australian Standard AS2700 / #C7BE33 / CITRONELLA (G46)
BS 2660 Colours for building and decorative paints / #CCCB00 / Chartreuse (BS2660-0008)
British Standard BS 381C:1996 / #FDD906 / Lemon (BS381C-355)
BS4800-5252 for colour-coordination in building construction / #FDEF41 / Forsythia (10-E-50)
Jotun paint colour catalogue / #B5B73D / PLASTIC STRAW (8242)
Munsell Color System / #D6CD00 / 2.5gy 8/12
NCS 1950 Index colur chart / #C3C60B / S 1070-G70Y
AMS Standard 595a / #EBC235 / OSHA safety yellow (13591)
Behr paint / #D0CC25 / Lime Pop (S-G-400)
Benjamin Moore paint colours / #D3D713 / New Lime (2025-30)
Dulux color palette / #F7DA99 / BUTTER CUP
Dulux Trade Paints / #BBBC09 / Indian ivy 4 (72YY 47/743)
Dunn-Edwards perfect palette / #DAD000 / Chartreuse (DEA123)
Dutch Boy paint colors / #DFD000 / Transparent Lime (Y-9-6)
Farrow and ball colours / #ECC363 / Babouche (223)
Federal Standard 595c / #EAC234 / OSHA safety yellow (13591)
Hallman Lindsay paints / #FFDE42 / Citron (850)
Isomat color system / #C2BD06 / LPC 1314
Kelly Moore paint colors / #D7CB30 / A ALOUETTE (45)
Kilz paint colors / #CCC921 / Green Gone Wild (LH270)
Little Greene paint colors / #E8D753 / Trumpet (LG 196)
Matthews Paint Colors / #D7D639 / Grunen Green (MP13317)
PPG Pittsburgh Paints Colors / #E6D943 / Citrus Spice (1216-6)
Sherwin-Williams paint colors / #B2C216 / Center stage (SW 6920)
Tikkurila paint colours / #E9C454 / Grapefruit (S302)
Trumatch paint colors / #CFCA00 / Trumatch 14-a2 (14-a2)
Valspar Paint Colors / #C5C225 / Lime Passion (6008-10C)
Vista paint colors / #C8D62D / Sour Lime (K-392)
Pantone CMYK Color Guide / #CBC911 / PANTONE P 166-16 C
Pantone Metallics / #AD8800 / PANTONE 8643 C
Pantone Premium Metallics Coated / #C0B000 / PANTONE 10111 C
Pantone Solid Coated / #C1BB00 / PANTONE 397 C
Pantone Solid Uncoated / #E4E336 / PANTONE 809 U
RAL Classic / #F3E04C / Sulfur yellow (RAL 1016)
RAL Design / #D4CC00 / RAL 100 80 80
Sikkens 4041 Color concept / #C3C20A / G8.60.70
Sikkens 5051 Color concept / #D7C22D / G3.62.70
Tiger Drylac / #FCCB3A / 039/20020 Safety Yellow