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Natural Color System S 0502-Y LRV Value

The entire scope of colors could be attributed to a certain point on a scale from 0 to 100 in terms of light reflectance. This color property is very important when considering colors of paints and colored surfaces. The LRV value of S 0502-Y represents the exact amount of visible light that will be reflected from the surface painted in this specific color. It is important to mention that in reality, the exact LRV value might differ between various surface materials, paint mixtures, layer of paint thickness or even measuring tools and methods used.
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Color: S 0502-Y / LRV: 85.27%

Color nameLight Reflectance Value (lrv)
S 0502-Y85.27%

Your color of choice has a light reflectance value of 85.27 %. Light reflectance value is important in color design and other areas. For example, it is generally considered that a 70% Light Reflectance Value (LRV) contrast between sign text and surrounding background color is an optimal guideline to follow when evaluating colored surface and finish materials. Most major paint manufacturers include LRV values for their colors in their color collection charts. These values can be used in the manual calculation below.

light reflectance value of any colorPractice has shown that the 70% figure is not a magic number. The contrasts of a few percentage points below the recommended figure, depending on the colors in question, can often yield satisfactory results. Mostly because all colors interact differently. For one color of a particular hue, the perception of lightness is also more intense if we increase saturation. For example, a saturated yellow will always look brighter than a saturated blue. The practicality of this application is incredibly useful for directing attention to specific points.

Interestingly, LRV is not widely considered important by homeowners and renovators. But we don’t want to agree on this. In fact, the careful planning in respect to Light Reflectance Value can result in a better look for a building, and even save energy costs and add to the overall beauty of the premises. Home and business owners should make better use of LRV color property to make their buildings more energy efficient and to give it an appropriate look.

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